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Reiki, literally translated, is spiritually guided universal life force energy. Originating in Japan, Reiki is a technique that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and the body's intrinsic ability to heal. The deep relaxation that occurs during a  Reiki treatment and through ones practice of Reiki promotes mindfulness and a deeper connection to self and higher realms of consciousness. 

Reiki is conducted by "laying of hands" on the body and/or within the energy field, and can also be transmitted at a distance.

Benefits of receiving Reiki:

  • Reduces stress & anxiety 
  • Reduces pain
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases balance,  physically and energetically
  • Fosters the body's natural ability to heal
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases self awareness
  • Aids in addiction cessation
  • Promotes a sense of ease and deep relaxation
  • Compliments other medical treatments

Reiki Treatments

With the intention that Reiki be affordable and accessible to all, treatment fees are based on a sliding scale. See below for details.

In-Person Treatments

During a Reiki Treatment, recipients lie, fully clothed, on a massage table while the practitioner conducts a series of hand placements on the body and in the energy field.

*60-Minute Treatment: Suggested for adults; appropriate for children & teens who have experience with Reiki  and wish to engage in a longer session.

Sliding Scale Fee: $40 - $70


*30-Minute Treatment: Suggested for children, teens and those with sensory sensitivities.

Sliding Scale Fee: $20 - $40


*Reiki for End-of-Life/Hospice Care: Length of treatment is based on individual preference.

No Fee: These sessions are conducted on a volunteer basis.

Distance Healing Treatment

With the use of a Reiki crystal grid, energy is conducted to the recipient from a distance. Treatments can be conducted by telephone or FaceTime, Zoom or Google Meet and are typically 45 - 60 minutes in duration.

Sliding Scale Fee: $40 - $70


Reiki in the Workplace

Increase focus and productivity by bringing Reiki into your workplace, or to your next company event.

Sessions are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the business.

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